Sunday, August 21, 2005

CafeBiz/ Marche/ Max Brenner

It's time for food again :)

cafebizFirst off it's CafeBiz over at Trader's hotel.. It used to be Jia Buai Liao.. then they renovated the place and it's now Cafe Biz.

They serve a variety of food, the usual salads, soups, bread, sushi, cooked food.. a mixed of western and asian food.. more of the asian stuff though.. but it was good :) lunch buffet though I have no idea how much it cost per pax coz i'm not paying.. hee.. free food :)

cafebiz7The starters and the main are nothing exciting, desserts are so much more interesting :) with the ever popular chocolate fountains :) *yummy* *yummy*

cafebiz6It's really getting popular, once u can only find it overseas, recently, u can find them in the better hotels :) I dunno about this one, but the one over at Oriental, needs 8 kg of chocolate to start it flowing.. ooo... yummy..

Jus look at the marshmellow with chocolate dripping off.. jus wonderful :) It's really pretty good, but i still prefer having a pot of chocolate in front of me so that I can dip at my own pace.. plus even use a spoon to scoop out the chocolate.. hee.. it's chocolate mah..

cafebiz8Coz it's asian style buffet, of course there's ice-kachang :) but I wasnt really interested in that.. jus ice kachang mah, can get it anywhere, and the ice is not fine enough.. not like the proper ice kachang u get outside.. but I like the way they lay out the ingredients, very nice color combi :)

cafebiz9My attention is being captured by the other desserts, the cakes and creme burlee.. ooo.. nice.. and once again, the layout is so pretty.. i like the colored globes touch :) very nice..

cafebiz3In the end I chose some crepes with the raspberry something (basically it's all sorts of berries cooked together and it's jus wonderful with the other sweet desserts coz it's kinda sour, a perfect balance), creme burlee (ok, i can pronounce it but i cant spell that darn word) and this chocolate cake thing..

cafebiz11Also chose this mousse thingy, which was pretty good, with mousse on top and pudding below..

The creme burlee was so-so, tasted more like pudding.. which was kinda disappointing.. and the thing about creme burlee is the lovely warm, crunchy, crisp sugar on top, which was lacking.. I remember the first time I had creme burlee, was shocked at the taste and texture of this dessert.. It was hot and crunchy on top, but cool and smooth below.. the perfect combination.. nice..

That's why I dun like ready made creme burlee, u jus cant get the crunchy part right.. always insist on having freshly made creme burlee.. the one over at Bakerzin is good :)

On next to Marche at Suntec..

crepe marche2Erm.. have to say I had my standard fare, which is ham and cheese crepes with additional mushroom..

It's pretty good, i like the generous topping of ham and the lovely melted cheese, together with the lovely mushrooms :) And they did it the way I like it this time, very nice and crisp :)

Other than that had my calamari and a lime with sour plum drink.. which was so ex!! heng I didnt pay for that :p hee.. it's basically 3 limes with 2 sour plum plus syrup and water.. all that for almost 3 bucks.. *pui* *pui* *pui* and it didn taste that great..

Also had stingray, which was so-so only.. tried some of Wenwei's rosti, which was the standard fare also.. He never order the mushroom thingy to go with the rosti.. so wasted, that time tried it with Darren and it was really good :) *yummy* *yummy*

Max Brenner the Chocolate Bar over at the Esplanade..

max brenner5Really a pretty nice place to chill out and we ordered the chocolate fondue.. it cost around 20 bucks for the small serving..

First time I had fondue that comes in 3 flavours, dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate.. It also comes with strawberries, bananas, marshmellows and sweet bread.

It was pretty good, i like the bread.. the chocolate is ok, but i find it abit too watery.. not as thick as the one I had over at cafebiz.. and definitely not as good as the one over at Swiss Culture.. but still it was pretty good :)

DSC00818After finishing all the things to dip with, me and wenwei were comtemplating if we should get spoons to scoop out the chocolate.. hee..

oh yah, there was this pretty cute waiter over there.. hee.. that made the dining experience so much better :p hee.. and wenwei was saying that's the best place to bring girls on a date.. coz nice ambience and not too ex.. true true..

and hor.. that day his "mum" called.. have to go out of the place to answer the phone hor.. hmm.. anyway sometimes, have to learn to play hard ball boy, dun always let the other party lead u in the game oki..


Dining experience at Cafebiz: 7 out of 10
Dining experience at Marche: 6.5 out of 10
Dining experience at Max Brenner: 6.5 out of 10


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