Sunday, July 31, 2005

Desserts Galore

If there's one more thing that guys dun understand about girls, it's our passion for desserts, any kinda desserts.. and no matter how full we are, there's always room for dessert coz we have a separate stomach for it :p hee

Had dessert over at Anderson's yesterday and jus had dessert with Jun², Xianhe, Dennis, Tian, Tong, Zhen and WW over at Bakerzin jus now.. both places are yummy yummy :)

Chocolate Brownie (cost 7.90)
Single Fondue (cost 8.90)

Both came with the warm chocolate sauce which tasted like nutella and it kinda hardens after awhile.. The brownie was ok, but it's the cakey kind, not the very chocolatey type of brownie which i prefer :p

The single fondue was a little disappointing, i was expecting at least a normal fondue pot or maybe even some tealite or something.. but the chocolate that u're supposed to dip the fruits in came in a saucer.. not good. In fact, i wldn even call it fondue, they shld jus call it chocolate dip. Still the service was quite good and the place is cosy to jus kick back and relax

See how relaxed we were :p hee.. It's the new Anderson's over at Marina Square.. great place to hang out and there's discount for NTU/NUS students.. also there's no service charge :)

There seems to be a craze with chocolate fondue recently, many places are coming up with it, but so far I've only tried it at 3 places and I prefer the chocolate fondue over at Swiss Culture (Suntec Sky Garden), the chocolate served there is so much better than the one at Andersons and Coffee Club. Yet have the chance to try the chocolate fondue over at Hagan Daz and that swiss restaurant over near clarke quay (i dun even know if the restaurant is still there :p)

Next up, we had dessert tapas over at Bakerzin :) this is nice nice nice nice nice :)

dessert tapas
The three tapas I ordered (it's going @ 9.50 for 3, 12.90 for 5 and 15.50 for 7)
chocolate shot
Hot Chocolate Shot with Vanilla Ice Cream
kish jelly
Krish Jelly with Strawberry and Mint (or something like that)
Raspberry Panna Conna (or something that sounds like that..)

I think there's a selection of more than 15 kinds of desserts, all served in small glasses.. It's really good and I had a hard time choosing 3 out of so many.. When Xuan comes back, must definitely get her and Jun to sit down over at Bakerzin and try out all the tapas!!

The first one I had was the Hot Chocolate shot.. IT WAS GOOD!! It was amazingly good.. It was oh-my-god good!! there's chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.. and the thing is, it's not too sweet with a slight tinge of bitterness.. was so tempted to drink it like a shot but will sure get super high after that :p

It was really very good.. it's like warm mousse.. and topped with the homemade vanilla ice-cream.. It's heaven..

The guys didnt really like it though.. well guess it's a matter of mars vs venus :p

The Krish jelly was kinda disappointing, it jus looked pretty but is really jus agar agar with a strawberry inside.. hmmm.. idea.. shld buy such small glasses, put a strawberry in it and make jelly, the prefect homemade dessert :) easy yet pretty

The Raspberry thing was good too.. I've always liked the raspberry sauce over at Bakerzin.. It's not too sweet, with jus the right amount of sourness.. very very good.. The white portion is a milk pudding with loads of vanilla seeds (or is it spores?).. I jus love it when desserts are flavoured with the actual vanilla pod instead of vanilla essence. Essence jus cannot match the pod in terms of smell and taste. And this is something that not alot of pple know, vanilla actually comes from orchids.

And yah, there's this cute waiter over at Bakerzin.. hee.. me and jun were like, that guy is not bad wor, then shy shy type.. so cute.. haha.. but too young for us liao.. must ask our meis to go down there more often *winkz*

Dining experience at Andersons: 7 out of 10
Dining experience at Bakerzin: 8 out of 10


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