Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Guys and their staring ways

A group of pple jus walked by.. i really never get this.. why cant pple mind their own business, why must they walk by and look in?? err.. we're tryin to do our work, u dun have to come staring at us... always like that one.. i really dun get it.. i mean i dun mind it if it's jus friends looking out for friends, but some of these pple are not even part of the company.. they jus damn like to stare.. all the old ah peks.. irritating fellows..

But sometimes i admit that we girls like to be stared at too.. that's why i like to wear that short and tight pair of shorts out.. attracts attention mah.. feels good when pple look and think u look nice mah.. but i still dun like the staring of those passerbys.. i'm tryin to work here, not tryin to get anyone's attention, so why cant u jus let me work in peace??

ok lah.. i'm not really working now.. but at least i'm tryin to pretend that i am.. have 2 more hours to go before official offwork.. then another 3 more hours before i'm leaving.. wellz meeting ivan they all later at 730, so 7 then start to make my way down slowly..

Young men's love lies not in their hearts but in their eyes... very true.. men are visual creatures, u really cant blame them.. then their small head sometimes speak louder than the one on their shoulders.. what to do.. some girls are like that too.. place too much on appearances.. what i think is that, as long as it doesn harm anyone, why bother?? it's not as if a guy being superficial (i'm being judgemental already.. ) will really hurt anyone.. it's his business to be superficial, jus like it's his business to eat chicken rice for lunch, it's none of our business

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