Monday, May 16, 2005

Don't Panic

That's what is written on the cover of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.. A really great book to read, though i never really finished it.. think was only at the first few chapters.. think i shld go borrow the book and read it again.. 5 books in total.. and the movie is coming out soon!!!

initially jim carrey was slated to act in the show but in the end they got someone else to do it.. i really really wanna watch the show, it's gonna be super super funny.. and this book means something to me.. it's the first and only book i managed to convince darren to finish.. a real feat.. getting him to start and later getting hooked on the story..

Love Marvin.. the paranoid android.. the eternally depressed robot that goes, "life- loathe it or ignore it, you cant like it." seen the cutout over at the bookstore at citilink.. so darn cute.. and no wonder he's always looking down, forever depressed.. then there are all sorts of other characters in the book, pple like the lead, Arthur, who jus wans to lead an ordinary, boring life.. Ford Perfect who is an alien whose doing research for The Guide.. and his name is a pun, an alien tryin to fit in to Earth, so he chose the most common name that appeared, Ford Perfect was the most popular car at the time..

I remember the start of the story was Arthur fighting against the bulldozers, coz there were gonna build a highway across his house.. he didnt know abt it till the bulldozers came, and the foremen telling him that a notice was put up at god knows where, and since no one objected to the proposal of a utterly useless highway, they were there to demolish his house.. in order to stop the bulldozers from demolishing his house, Arthur layed down in his frontyard and jus lay there..

then it came lunchtime and everyone went for a break, Arthur went over to the local pub for a drink where he met his friend Ford and realised that Earth was gonna be destroyed for the building of an intergalatic highway, which was proposed and made note in god knows where and since no one objected, earth was gonna be annilated by the Vogons.. and the story goes on with Ford and Arthur hitching a ride on the vogon spacecraft...

i dun really know what goes on after that.. never really finished reading.. jus remembered the improbability drive, where the spaceship is driven by improbable events.. the more improbable, the faster it goes.. or something like that...then in the restaurant at the end of the universe, there's actually this cow who would come up to u and ask u if u like a prime cut from it, showing off it's lovely meat to u.. morbid but super funny.. and the babel fish, this little yellow fish that u put into ur ears.. it swims in ur brains and lets u understand any language in the galaxy..

really really like this series.. so excited that it's gonna come out soon.. it's really a good read, must go find the book and read it before watching the movie..

and did i mention that a towel is the most important that u shld carry around??

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