Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm trying

I'm really trying my best to ren. I miss my old blog, I miss the blog where I talk about interesting stuff, now this blog is so full of anger and frustrations.. argh...

But when you constantly deal with stupid people, when you constantly talk with people with zero IQ and EQ, can you help but not get angry?

I seriously have a issue with this guy, what the fuck is wrong with him?! I've hooked him up with my vendor, gave him all our previous proposals and stuff and first thing in the morning, I have to receive a call from him, asking me why the quote is so high.

That's your fucking issue lor, if you dun have the money to pay, that is your issue and not mine. I'm being paid to do my job, not yours. Fucking asshole, making me curse like so on Chinese New Year and the first working day of the week. What is wrong with you?!

I'm darn tired of all these people, all they know is to wayang, the bosses always think that they did a lot of good work when they did nothing. It really really irritates me. Ask me what should they do? Dun run the event, that's the best way to save the money, think it's so cheap to run an event? Think it's so cheap to run a team challenge, go back to your home country to do it, it will be much cheaper there.

Fuck the foreign talents, dun come wasting my fucking time can??

So so irritated first thing in the morning.

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