Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hello.. I don't work for ya

Some people are just arseholes and expect others to do their work for them. No I'm not going to do it, it's their work and not mine, why should I be doing something for someone else and letting them get all the credit?

Boss stated very clearly that we're just helping out, and by helping out, I take it that he means we're giving advise and helping to hook them up with the relevant parties, not come up with a proposal for them?! It's ridiculous, when I offer to hook that arsehole up with my vendor, he actually told me that he should not talk to them as he is not as detailed on the event as us?! Huh?! What a fucking idiot, how the fuck would I know what kinda event he wants? What's the scale? What's the objectives? That's his event for goodness sake, he should jolly well go talk to the vendor himself.

Stupid arsehole just trying to get us to finish his job for him, no way, we have more than enough work on hand already. Even if I'm free and shaking leg waiting for work to come, I will not do his work. Of course I will help him, I will let him know how we run the event, but there's no fucking way I'm gonna plan the event for him.

If I start doing that, would he give me his pay? No right, then why the fuck should I do the work for him??

I'm not in a great mood now.. It's been a long day at work and I'm feeling sick the whole day.. On the other hand, I'm pretty happy that we're finally getting rid of my tech support!! He's an idiot and I think he'll do much better elsewhere, working for us just taxes the teeny amount of brain cells that he have in that pathetic excuse of a head. We're not the only one who complained about him, it's high time his boss did something about it. Thank God~~

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