Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What do you want?

When it's expensive, you kaopeh.. Now that it's cheap, you also kaopeh..

Hello.. Can you let me know exactly what you want? I've already communicated everything you told me to her, then she comes back with this quote, which is very reasonable and within our budget, then you kaopeh, saying it's too cheap. I've already told her that we have a tight budget and that's the amount that we're willing to pay, now that she's willing to work within our budget, what's the kaopeh for?

Bloody waste of my time *pui*

Oh btw, fuck the stupid ******s!!! If they cannot fucking follow the rules that it's their fucking issue and not mine, if they have problems when audit comes, it's their problem and not mind.

Stupid people makes me spew vulgarities. Stupid ******s can go fuck spiders.. duh..

Bloody waste of my time *pui* times two

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