Friday, February 23, 2007

In a rush

Let's say you're 10 minutes late for work, would an extra minute kill you?

I think the answer would be no, being late for 11 minutes makes no difference as being late for 10 minutes, no one would bother about the extra minute, unless they have to punch card when they get into work, too bad then.

The thing is, since the 1 minute don't matter, why do I see so many people alighting from the bus and then walking straight to the front of the bus to cross the road?! Did their primary school teachers not taught them? That it's dangerous to cross the street <i>in front</i> of the bus? Don't they understand how dangerous that is? The bus driver might not be able to see the person coz of the height of the bus and what happens next? The poor bus driver gets blamed for knocking someone down when it's actually the person's fault.

Don't come tell me that since crossing the road in front of a bus is dangerous, you should cross the road behind the bus coz that's as dangerous!! The bus driver will not be able to see you if you're behind the bus! Oh, buses usually move forward and not backwards so I should be fine crossing the road from behind the bus.. That is crap! Buses are like any other cars, they sometimes roll backwards. Well rolling backwards sounds pretty ok, but imagine a 1 ton plus vehicle rolling backwards onto you.

People are so.. ... ... Can't they just wait for the bus to leave the bus stop before they attempt to cross the roads? I'm surprised I haven heard of any serious accidents yet.

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