Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I must learn to be more forgiving and less judging

After this post, I talked to one of my new found icq friend, and this was what I learnt from him, I must be more forgiving and less judging.

Yes, yes, I'm actually back on icq!? Went back out of boredom some time back and it was a good call, coz I found my long-lost very first net friend Symmy!! I was so surprised to still see him on my icq list and so we're in contact again now. Soon, soon I'll save up enough money to go look for Xuan in Australia and Symmy in NZ!!

Ok, let's talk about this new friend first.. He's very different from other people that I talked to in icq, in fact, he's very different from most people I know. He's like Xuan, Jun and me, sometimes without rhyme or reason, we would just take off and go walk around, explore places we haven been to and just enjoy what the place have to offer; we would just slow down our pace and look around. It's amazing what we miss out everyday, all the little things that makes life interesting, yet we zoom past them without even a backward glance.

That's how this friend is like, he knows where he is at in his life, he knows what he wants from life and he works towards it without being a drone in the process. That's what I like about him, he's like a refreshing breeze after a stifling day at work. He enjoys the arts and he likes to go to the garden, find a tree with a nice shade and just sit there for the rest of the day reading. Now how many people actually does that in Singapore?

Even though we had like 4~5 conversations only, he feels like a long lost friend to me, there's this connection which is pretty amazing. The way I feel about him is similar to the way I feel about the characters in the books I read, it's strange, but it feels like talking to someone that's popped out from my books.

I really enjoy the conversation I have with him, short they may be, but I learn a lot from them. And just that day, he lectured me on being more forgiving, that I should not judge people, coz that's God's duty and not ours. And more importantly, what right do we have to judge them? It's their lives, they can live it in whatever way pleases them, it's really up to them.

When I think about it, I realize that I really should not judge people, coz I don't like people judging me too. So in order to change that, I have to take the first step.

But it's always easier said than done.. I'm trying very hard not to judge the new "girl" in my office now.

Two of my colleagues are leaving, so my boss got a replacement for one of them. When my boss told me it's this lady that's 40, it kinda shocked me, coz the average age of our office is really pretty young, the two colleagues that left was 21 and 22 years old only. Honestly I don't think my boss made a very wise choice this time round, I've worked with older people before, and I've worked with those with family, the one thing that they would not do is OT, especially when they are not paid. And for our office, OT is very common and sadly it's not paid.

She has a family, would she stay back to finish rushing the work for my boss? I don't really think so.. But there, I'm judging again, haiz, old habits die hard.

And these few days, my colleague (the one the new auntie is going to replace) is on MC, so I'm tasked with the job of training her. I'm trying to be patient, but.. ..

I gave her a guide to read, the guide is very straightforward and everything is written there. Also I've guide her through the website once and then I let her try it out. Ok, she did not really know how to do it, so I guided her again, showed her everything again. Guess what, she still do not know anything. Kinda fed up at this point of time, so I told her to just try it out on her own whilst I go off to do my own stuff. Sometimes you just need to fool around with the system to know how it works, and the system is really very simple.

But she kept asking me this and that and this and that.. argh!! If you don't understand, refer to the guide!! That's what it's for mah, duh!

Then this morning, after using the system for at least 4 times yesterday, she still made a very fundamental mistake.. gee.. what's wrong with her? Take down notes, write down the things that needs to be taken note of mah.. haiyo.. See, it's so hard for me not to judge..

And yesterday, I spent half an hour explaining something which I made Ah Dear understood in 3 minutes.. *vomit blood* Nevermind, I ren, I shall not judge.

Ren ren ren.. Don't judge.. Be forgiving..


nottotian said...

It's really hard to ren this kind of colleagues, esp when they don't take notes when they can't remember. Makes your blood boil...

But, be patient! One day when they cannot pick up they will pack up and leave, hopefully..

Jayce said...

yes!! but I shall ren.. shou de yun kai jian yue ming :p I shall ren ren ren..

stupid old auntie.. haha.. ;p