Thursday, March 16, 2006


Mei just called me to tell me this juicy bit of news.. This girl me and my mei once knew is now pregnant, unmarried, involved with a divorce man. Oh, did I mention that she's the one that caused his divorce, and the fact that he's like almost 20 years older than her?? Nah, all these doesn matter, what matters is that the guy is rich, owns a fish farm, landed property and a lion dance troop.

Let's talk about this girl, XN. I did not have a good impression of her the first time I saw her, I sensed something about her, a gold-digger's arua... I was spot-on, my instincts were right that time round.

I think she's 2 years younger than me, making her 23 this year, really an ok age to be a mum, expect that she's not married and involved with a divorced man. Oh well, shit happens, unless she planned it all along.. hmm.. I will not be surprised.

She's tall, quite pretty really, all the uncles at my workplace then liked her. But then again, anything on two legs with breasts appeals to them. That's where their standards are.

She was fresh out of JC when she started working with me, waiting to go to NIE I think. Oh, that was my first job by the way, not hard to guess where this scandal took place hor..

She was friendly, but I felt it was kinda fake. At that time, Darren uses his dad's car to send me to work and fetch me back home, not everyday but on most days. So I mentioned to her that we can give her a ride to the interchange to catch a bus home and etc. We're colleagues mah, we should help each other out.

At first I thought of nothing about offering her a ride, but then she started asking me a lot questions about Darren, where he lives, school and etc. It's like probing into his life.. yucks.. that's when all the alarms started going off in my head..

She must have thought that Darren was rich coz he drives and stays at Holland V. Duh..

I warned Darren about talking to her, I remember forbidding him to talk to her, but I can't remember if he actually listened to me. Nah, doesn't matter, she got a better deal now.

Soon I quit and so no more news about her.. till my mei started working there during her holidays.. Now things got interesting.. She keeps getting a ride from one of the uncles that's always around. It's normal for us to get rides from the uncles, coz the place is really ulu and it's a long long walk from the bus stop. But she gets a ride from him at such a frequency that it's getting suspicious.

The Uncle, HS, sorta works at the place too, helping out here and there. At that time, HS and his wife were like the model couple, they were always super sweet to each other. They have 2(?) kids I think, living in landed property. HS is pretty rich, drives a Mercs around (Oh, my mei told me he just upgraded his car again).

Before long, I heard from my mum that someone saw XN and HS walking out of a hotel together.. caught in the act!! Normally I'm forgiving towards 3rd parties, I understand how some of them can get involved without knowing the truth, but for XN, that slut! There's no way she dunno about HS's wife, and from the way she act towards my bf then, I knew she's a gold digger, a slut to the core.

That HS also, he have such a pretty wife. His wife was one of those who bothers to dress up and look nice for him, and there he goes, straying with a girl at his workplace that's 20 years younger than him. To think I used to think he's good looking and a nice husband.. *pui* I take back all those thoughts. Bastard!

After that little tibit, I have no more news about them, I can't be bothered either, it was their problem.. Until just now when my mei called.. Apparently his wife found out about his affair too and they got divorced (XN is a bitch for breaking up someone's perfect family). Somehow HS and XN stayed together for all these years and now she's pregnant with his kid.

Man, I have nothing to say.. Scandalous.. really scandalous. Oh, my ex-workplace is full of such scandals..

I must go take a look at her Friendster (my mei have her contact) and take a look at how this slut is now..

I can't believe it, it's bad enough that she was a third party and ruin someone's marriage, but to have his kid? What the fuck is she thinking?

And this taught me something, no matter how good a guy acts or looks, he can always stray. Bastard!

And I can't imagine, fucking a guy that's old enough to be your dad.. *ewwww*

But then again.. hmmm... now my mei and I are on the lookout for super rich guys, she wants someone that owns a fleet of BMWs, I want a fleet of Jaguars!! We are willing to be their mistress for xxxx per month, but no kids hor, we don't wanna get knocked up like XN and being stuck with the devil's spawn for 9 months :p

Don't worry Ah Dear, we can split the money, 70/30 oki, since I do most of the work. And I'll help you look out for a sugar mommy oki. We'll both sponge off our sugar parents and then live happily ever after without lifting a finger to work.. hahaha.. I think I'm going nuts.. I better get back to work :(


nottoz said...

Yo ger, I read your post on marriage. Think we may talk all about heading into the next phase in life, but hardly consider seriously enough the situation. Somehow at some point in life we have to embrace the responsibilities of adult life, along with the beauties that come with it.

Jayce said...

that's true.. but sometimes when we think too much, we hesitate and miss the chance..