Wednesday, March 22, 2006

*peng* *vomit blood*

What was my boss thinking of when she employed the new auntie?!?!?!

Her basic IT knowledge is like a D lor.. Almost fail already lor.

She does not even know what opening a new window means.. even after I tell her to open a new IE window.. Duh..

Then after I pointed out to her the IE icon and opened a new window for her, she have no idea where the favourites is. Double duh..

Ok, I shall give her the benefit of doubt that she uses mac at home and never touched windows system before. Or she uses netscape/firefox.. but still..

Don't get me started on passwords.. She thinks that one id and password can be used for all when I told her specifically that we have different ids and different passwords for different systems and applications.

I'm trying very hard to ren.. have to work with her for the next half a year at least.. I must ren.. ren.. ren.. ren..

I think I need to go watch some videos on youtube.. ren.. ren..

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