Monday, March 27, 2006


I like feedbacks, I like people to leave comments so that I know their thoughts on the issues that I've written about. So thankz Tian for telling me about what to expect of Sirroco :) I will be going there, but for drinks only though since the food is not great.. unless my dear Dajie's Jonathan will sponsor.. hee..

The other reason I like feedbacks is that it lets me know that people actually bothers to read my blog, though at this moment, the biggest reader is still myself, I like proof-read after posting..

Sometimes feedback may not be on the blog itself but from other channels, like my friends will tell me via msn that they read something something on my blog and things like that..

Positive and negative comments are all welcomed, though I may delete away offensive, non-constructive ones, I don't see the point of leaving them on my blog and tainting it. And one thing, when you have something that you don't like about me, please just tell me straight, leave a comment.

Something last year, someone said I'm materialistic and I devoted a whole post to the person,
check it out. My mistake, I dedicated 2 posts to the person, here's the other one.

So my point is, leave comments to scold me or whatever, then I'll write a rebuttal, and then you can leave more comments. How much more interesting that will be, instead of just complaining. That way, you can let everyone that reads my blog know how bad I am :)

And yes, I'm bad, that's what makes life fun mah, I'm no goody-two-shoes. Maybe I was in the past, but you should just ask Ah Dear how much I bully him these days.. hee..

Last thing I want to say is.. 此地无银三百两 ^^/

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