Friday, November 18, 2005

Follow up on materialism

Just a follow up on this matter.. How could I miss out on such an important point??

Look at the horrendous spelling.. haiz.. please, before you start hurling such remarks at me, check check check your spelling and grammar.. *shakes head*

I do not speak perfect english, I have spelling mistakes like all the time, but when I'm going to insult someone, I make sure I do a spellcheck so that the other party cannot laugh at my silly mistake and forget all about my insults..

And I did have a good laugh over it.. what the heck does Materistic mean? That I'm a combi between materialistic and futuristic?? haha.. I'm a futuristic materialist? haha.. And I don't really think I'm a gal, so old already, still being called a gal.. so flattering again.. hee :) This person really made my day siah..

Thank you for calling me a materistic gal.. I really appreciate it, finally someone sees the true me, yes I love money, I love the creature comforts that it gives me. I love what money can bring. I've seen what the lack of money brings. Yes I love money.. (dang it, I'm being influenced to type in bad engrish..)

I love money and I think I'll most probably go to hell for it. But who cares, as long as I had a great time whilst I'm on earth, what is afterlife?? Hahaha.. on days like this, I enjoy being mean.

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