Sunday, March 26, 2006



And I can't agree more.. sometimes, some things just don't leave an impression on me. Yes, it's mean, but I saw someone today and guess what, within the minute I take to walk away, I totally have no impression of how the person looks like.

And the problem is, I don't remember names but I'm good at remembering faces. I think this person really takes the cake, so bland that I really have no impression of how this person looks like..

Maybe I'm being influenced by my 亞斯 :p hahaha..
Today is a pretty interesting day, went all over the island to get things done..

Went to fetch Ah Dear off work; off to Holland V -Thai Express for lunch; went visiting at NUH; went down to Wenwei's shop in SLS to buy ink; went Bugis to buy phone; went Ah Dear's place for dinner; went causeway point to get jigsaw..

I still love my tom yum soup at Thai Express, super nice!!

NUH visit was fruitful(?) At least I gotta see my friend, his mum and his dad.. I missed Auntie Sally, I never expect to see them under such circumstances though.. well, in life, unexpected things always happen. I can only pray for them.

Wenwei's shop is on the 5th floor at sls, anyone interested to get ink refill can go find him, his ink refill is cheap and good! But we got ink all over our hands trying to refill the cartridge.. heng Ah Dear did most of the dirty work :p

Went to M1 over at bugis to get a new phone, got Moto L6 plus a L7 batt for only 1 buck!! hee.. coz I have a 65 dollars voucher and the L6 only cost 18 bucks, plus the 48 bucks battery, I only have to pay for the balance of a dollar :) First time I paid a dollar for a phone wor :p hee..

Ah Dear's mum cook the best braised pork legs.. nice!!! I love the chestnuts!!

Jigsaw... shh.. secret :p
I still wanna say this.. 对不起,我对不美的事物是不会留下任何印象 :) sorry my pal, I still have no impression of how you look like.. hahahhahaha..

I enjoy being mean at times ^^
And something else only my Ah Dear will know, I 暗爽了一天.. wahahaha.. why ar.. that's between me and my dear :p


Burnz said...

yar ah dear ... we really can't remember the person face or name leh ...

Next time we really have to ask that guy to write down his name so that when we go back to get the phone, we won't be in that akward situation again.

Jayce said...

yalor.. so awkward, but heng we managed to get the promo :) buying a phone at 1 buck leh, first time :p

And that Doy is cute leh.. hee.. *oppz*