Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm flattered

I'm really very flattered.. I have not been checking my flickr account often and today I found this..
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My gosh.. I was thinking how did this came about.. then I remembered I had a huge fight with Ah Dear over the phone matter and there was this person who said that I was materialistic, that I love my phone more than my boyfriend..

I don't really bother about this person, I don't know who she is, and honestly, I don't give a damn.

So why am I so flattered that she made such a comment on me? Coz she registered in flickr just to leave this comment. There was no nothing, no picture or anything in her account.. See, she registered just to leave this comment, I'm actually worth so much time, damn I'm flattered. Thank you so much :)

Hahaha... it really does not bother me, I'm more amused that people actually take the time to leave such remarks and comments, don't they have better things to do? I guess not.. hahah..

I don't put myself on a moral high ground.. I don't feel that I'm a very moral person, I don't see myself as a very good person. I am selfish, I am materialistic.. And I do love my boyfriend more than my phone, coz when the time comes and I'm tired of my phone, he can always buy another one for me!! hahah.. that's just a joke ok.

Between a phone and my boyfriend, of course I would choose the latter, a phone is just a phone. The quarrel we had the other was not entirely coz of the phone, it's miscommunication between the two of us and the phone happens to be in between.

Talking about materialism.. Me materialistic? Of course I am. Money makes the world goes round, who does not love money in this world? Even if you don't love money, you can't deny that you NEED MONEY.

I don't have a very rosy picture of the world, I've seen it's dirty side so often that I really can't be bothered with them. All those charitable organizations, yes they came about with a good cause in mind, yes they are doing good work.. but peer deeper and you can see the things they do for money. And honestly, they don't have a choice at most times, who else is going to pay for everything that the disabled needs?

Girls are materialistic. Of course we are, first and foremost, that's how we had always been. Look at the animal kingdom, what does a female look for in her mate, strength, physical well-being. Why? Coz that means that the mate is able to survive in the world. In human terms, we do not look at strength and physical well-being alone, coz that alone is not enough for him to survive. We look at material wealth which is a part of survival in the modern world.

So being materialistic is being pratical. Don't put yourself on a moral high-ground and diss people off just coz they are true to themselves and present their true faces to the world. I hate those people who pretends to be all moral and such, when push comes to shove, you can see their ugly faces all coming out. Urgh.. they irk me.

Why do they have to live behind facades? Are they that ashamed of themselves? At the end of the day, they will still have to remove their facades to meet their makers, so what can they do then?

Take off the masks, take off the facades, learn that we are not perfect and stop dissing others off before looking at yourself.

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