Monday, September 12, 2005

Wedding.. (^.^)/

It's a weekend of joy!! first was Vincent's great news, then it was off to my cousin's wedding on Sat :)

Actually my cousin was long married over in the States but she came back last weekend for her traditional wedding.. quite a rushed affair coz she only arrived in Singapore on friday and had to get everything done by sat.. but things turned out just fine :)

Ooo.. my cousin-in-law is this cute Caucasian guy who looked great in Tux.. haha..

Me, ah dear, xiaobao and mummy went over in the morning to help out.. ah dear was our ahmad for the morning.. driving us to my aunt's place and back in our V5 :) We got there pretty early.. we kinda sat around and waited whilst my mum fussed over my aunt, helping her set her hair and do up her makeup..

My cousin was also having her hair and makeup done.. Her hair was so cool.. she have natural white hair.. it doesn't sound nice, but her hair comes in shades of blonde, white and silver, so she looks darn stylist, abit like Storm from Xmen.. She look darn pretty in her gown :)

Soon the bridesgroom came and they did some bargaining at the door, not much though coz he didnt really understand the custom.. they made him ate some durian I think.. ee.. soon he got to his bride, then we took like tons of pictures.. snap snap snap.. poor cousin-in-law.. he was sweating like mad, first coz he was in a tux, next coz the weather was pretty warm, and then the house was pretty crowded..

They left for the hotel shortly after.. so we waited around, had the buffet lunch and waited for them to come back..

My cousin came back in a different gown, this time round a red halter which looked just great on her.. :) my cousin-in-law's parents and siblings also came with them.. soon they had the tea ceremony and more pictures.. oh yah, my cousin's good friend Elim came also.. yepz, that's the boss of 77th street :p she and my cousin were good friends from like wayy back.. she's very nice and friendly to everyone though she's famous..

Throughout the whole event, mummy was the noisiest one, if we couldn't find her, we can locate her by going to the noisiest place in the house.. but think her presence was welcomed, coz the rest that were there are mainly the older aunties, who are really pretty quiet.. if not for my boisterous mum, it would had been darn quiet and boring..

Me and ah dear were pretty stressed during the whole thing, coz my relatives kept asking my mum when would it be her turn to become a mother-in-law.. wellz, my dajie and kor are not attached yet.. my mei is too young.. so the arrow pointed to me.. plus I was there with ah dear.. so we sorta kanna-ed left, right, center..

Hmm.. actually the idea of marriage is not something we had not talked about before.. but we still need some time, for ah dear to ORD first for a start :p then can start to plan and things like that..

But honestly.. I cant wait for that day to come :)

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