Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Our very own V5!!

After much anticipation and waiting.. finally got our brand new family car, a Toyota Vios 1.5, which is now officially called V5 :)

Why V5? coz it's Vios, and we pay a monthly installment of 500 bucks.. so it's V5, sounds like my phone, V8 also :) and V5 makes it sounds damn stylo mah.. hee..

I haven start taking pics of it.. since the sun already set when I first saw it, shall wait till sat, take it to the rooftop of the carpark and go on a photo-taking mania!!! haha.. but here's some pics taken by Xiaobao :)

The car is so nice rite?? the interior is abit small, but it's ok, it's the best we can afford at the moment.. no point getting a huge car together with a huge loan and HUGE monthly installments mah.. plus look at the sky rocketing fuel prices.. small car is good..

Me and dearie wanted to wash and polish the car this weekend but Desmond (our cutie car sales, anyone whose going to get a Toyota, remember to go over to the Leng Kee showroom to look for him hor.. he's darn nice, cute and funny :)) said it's best to wait a week more, for the paint to really dry.. orr.. but at least i get to wash the windows.. they're dirty..

Think I'm obessed with my V5 already.. yesterday I rushed home to see the car.. then went to Sembawang shopping centre to get car seat cover x 2, car shampoo, 3M car wax, polishing cloth, car wash cloth.. spent almost 80 bucks on everything.. and that's just the tip of the ice berg.. I haven got my perfume/ionizer/deodorizer, steering cover, those plastic things u stick at the sides of the doors and bumpers to prevent scratches, tissue box cover, head rest, cushions.. so so many things I wanna buy.. it's gonna be a girly car for sure.. hee..

I cant wait till next week when I can wash and polish the car proper.. oki.. not really me, coz I know nuts about washing a car, but dearie can teach me ar.. I'll do my best oki, will try to help out as much as I can.. I want the car to be in tip top condition all the time.. so the first polish is damn important, must lay down a good foundation mah..

I'm so excited.. haha.. and car washing can be so darn fun if you put abit of imagination into it *winkz* *wet tees* *slippery soap bubbles* oppz, did I jus say that out loud?? hee

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