Monday, September 12, 2005

Everyone has a romantic dream

"Everyone likes a romance where two people who were lovers before they fall out, have shitty lives, before they find each other again and save each other from the hells of living."

If you take the time to read thru SPG's blog, you'll find many little gems like the one above.. I admire her for being true to herself. She may not be the best role model for our kids and teens (but who is), but at least she's true to herself which many of us are sadly not..

It's not easy for two people to get together, to fall in love and to spend their days together.. most of the time, it breaks up somewhere along the way.. then one is filled with "what-if"s.. "what if I did this?" "what if I didnt do that?" the list goes on and on..

Most people never get over it, like yours truly here.. and in many ways, we don't want to get over it. I mean, who wants to get over something that was once so dear to your heart? and the mind is great at playing tricks with you, remembering only the best times and forgetting the lousy times you had..

And it takes time to learn to move on.. Vincent.. I finally see him as a friend last weekend.. now I no longer see him and see my ex boyfriend.. I look at him and see a friend.. that cute and funny guy that me and Yingzhi met when we're working at Pacnet.. all is good :) And I'm happy for him and his new family :)

Ah dear was puzzled why can I still meet him? after all that had happened between the two of us.. I told him coz what's over is over, it takes 2 hands to clap and we did what we did.. He's a friend now and nothing more than that..

As for Darren.. wellz, it takes time.. time will tell.. oh yah, he works in the next building now, haven seen him around.. maybe we never will.. Vincent and I live in the same town and I've met him only like once in more than 3 years.. oh well.. if we have no chance to meet, then so be it.. If we have the chance to meet, then so be it too..

back to dreams.. Romantic dreams.. dreams of breaking up and reuniting.. dreams of losing something only to realise that it's the dearest thing to you and having the chance to get it back.. we all have a right to do dream.. don't we?

The most important thing is realising that dreams will always remain as a dream and life goes on.. it goes on and on whether we like it or not.. That's the thing with life.. It does not stop and wait for you.

And learn to cherish what you have right now.. A bird in hand is more precious than two in the bush.. I'm learning to cherish every single moment I have with Ah dear..

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