Monday, September 12, 2005

Congratulations to Vincent ^^/

Met up with Yingzhi and Vincent last weekend and we had a great time.. It's our annual meeting.. haha.. kinda like agm coz we only meet once a year.. :Þ but this year gonna meet again soon :p

Went off to newton to makan.. and I ended up late.. oppz.. but have work to do mah.. I tried to get down as early as I could, then kanna traffic jam.. argh.. but managed to reach there about half an hour late :p

We ordered a whole table of food.. yummy!! It was good :) though the food is overpriced, but I still like to go down to newton.. It's just different from Chomp², plus they have the best cheng teng there!! I love the hot cheng teng with the yummy big sago (like pearls in bubble tea but white in colour) which is super chewy or Q.. and the best cooked lotus seeds I've ever tasted.. it's soft and well cokked, but there's still a bite to me.. once you bite through, the sweetness and softness of the lotus seeds gets through.. aw.. nice.. then the cold one have like everything inside, with atap chee, longan (the can type), corn, jelly and a lot of other stuff, and all that for only $1.50, damn cheap rite? what I would not do for a good bowl of cheng teng.

Anyway we updated each other on what happened in the past year.. how Yingzhi had to chase away another guy.. I do hope she can find her prince charming soon.. girl jiayou!! then how I changed bf.. our work and stuff.. then came the bombshell, a good one though.. .. ..

Vincent is a NEW FATHER!!! gosh!!! a father!! I thought he was kidding when he mentioned he had a kid, turned out it was real.. he have a 2 week old son named Wen Xuan.. the name is so nice rite? It was one of the names in my list for my children wor.. he pre-empt me.. but it's ok..

Can see the joy and pride on his face when he talked about his son :) really really very happy for him.. I knew he always wanted a family on his own.. now his dream came true :)

Congratulations Vincent, and must get ready for us soon.. will pop by real soon to take a look at the little boy :) hope he grows up to look like u.. but must teach him not to go around and break other girls' hearts wor.. hee..

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