Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reaction Time

I find it kinda funny that our flu pandemic measures only kicked in AFTER the alert is being lowered yellow..
Too big? Too much red tape?
Have I become a less angry person lately? I think not.. I just dun have the impulse to blog everything out, plus I rather spend time with my hubby more than anything, I choose not to spend time blogging.
As usual I dun read the papers, it's just propaganda.
As usual I dun watch local TV, time is precious and I've got my House MD, CSI, Bai Quan Nu Wang, Quan Ming Zui Da Dang, I'm not going to waste time on the "big productions" of the year, I have better things to do. And the star awards.. what's the point of competing with people in the same company? Oh well.. they can only try.. and I can continue to watch my cable tv.

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