Friday, April 24, 2009

Atas Breakfast

This is probably gonna be one of our most expensive brekkie ever!


Let's see.. starting from the cheapest..

Some italian bread - $3.60
Sundried tomato - $6
Extra virgin olive oil - $12
Harrods Earl Grey teabags - $15
16 years Balsamic vinegar - $48

Not in the picture

Apple baked ham - $12
Streaky bacon - $6

Have I mentioned that my Ah Dear is suddenly feeling rich?? But the vinegar is really good!! The shop had some real interesting oils and vinegar, I tried a combination of pumpkin oil and apple vinegar, absolutely amazing, but each is at least 40 bucks! We're feeling rich but not that rich :p

I'm so looking forward to our brekkie tomorrow!

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