Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taiwan Trip 2009

What can I say? I just love Taiwan.. though this trip was a disaster from the start, but at least we were in Taiwan :p Ah Dear and I are making some plans for our future, and it could jolly well include Taiwan :p Tentative plans at the moment, but who knows what the future holds..

This was a family trip, me, ah dear, my mum, dajie and grandma.. really xin ku ah dear le, being the only guy around.. well, it's nice traveling with family, but then.. .. .. well there's always a first :p

First stop was to Hong Kong for the transit, then it's off to Kaoshiung. I dun like transit flights, though the tickets are cheap, it's so tiring!!!

Kaoshiung is so unlike Taipei, for one, there's so much less people around! Plus things are like super cheap!! We had Ru Wei (something like Yong Tau Fu) and I remember I had it in Taipei and just a few stuff cost almost 10 bucks.. Over in Kaoshiung, we had 2 HUGE bowls and it's less than 20 bucks!!! cheap cheap cheap!

We only spent 2 days in Kaohiung, so we didn't get to see much, only managed to go around the city area and visit Dream Mall. Oh, we went to the local market (not the first that we will visit) and visited a few temples..

Ah dear and I visited Ai He in the evening, the rest refused to go out coz it was so cold but we had to go take a look at the river and try out the boat ride.. The weather was crazy in Taiwan, it's supposed to be spring and the weather should start to warm up, but it's super darn cold most of the time!! Worse is the difference in temperature, the daytime could be a comfortable 25 degrees and at night it falls to 14 degrees!! We were totally unprepared for the cold weather!!

Then we walked over to the Urban Spotlight, it's not a big area but the lights are really pretty. Actually Kaoshiung is full of pretty lights!! Oh, the mask actually helps keep my face and nose warm :p

This is a train station.. I think it's Mei Li Dao Zhan, literally meaning beautiful island station.. It's darn pretty!!

My spoils from Kaohiung :p Ah dear was eyeing my new bunny and kitty.. yea, the brown, pink and blue thing at the right hand corner is a kitty :p I actually got it for Ah dear's nephew but ah dear became too attached to the kitty and so it's at home with us right now :p It's damn cut and it's made from socks!! so unimaginatively, the kitty's name is Socks :p oh the bunny is with my mei now..

After 2 nights in Kaoshiung, it's onto the High Speed Rail and to Alishan

First stop was to Fen Chi Hu.. it was foggy!! the place was like in the clouds.. the bian dang is yummy as usual :p Then after lunch and some shopping around, it's the train ride up to Alishan.

Doggy!! looking out in the mist.. so cool right.. then it's one happy family, daddy, mummy and baby :)

The train ride up to Alishan is seriously overrated! It's just a train ride and all we see are trees trees trees.. boring.. and it's not a very comfortable ride..

(to be continued...)

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