Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Read my mind

How I wish there's someone who can read my mind and know exactly what I want..

Is it that difficult to guess my wants? I honestly dun ask for a lot, I just want a reasonable lifestyle, a reasonable amount of attention at the right time.. I guess the terms "reasonable" and "right" differs between people.. What's reasonable for me may be overboard for someone else.. .. ..

What is right anyway? Is it something that's not wrong?

I know I'm bad at expressing myself, I know I'm socially inept.. ever noticed that I'm always reading? Because I prefer books over people. Books are not like people, people gives me pain all the time.. Books are enjoyable; books dun talk back; books dun give me shit to clear up.

Reading is not just a hobby.. Reading is a lifeline.. Fiction keeps me grounded; fiction reminds me of what is important in life; fiction brings me back to times where life is simple..

I think I'm asking for too much, how can I expect people to read my thoughts? How can I ever expect people to understand me when I never let them see the real me?

But who is the real me? Who exactly? What exactly?

Then again.. does it matter?

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