Thursday, September 11, 2008

I like girls

When it comes to kids and pets, I prefer the female specimens over male specimens..

I guess it's a matter of nature, I prefer bitches as they're more homely, they dun smell as bad, and they dun dirty the place as much.. Ok, Scruffy still dirties the place but at least she dun start humping the couch :p

And I think that babies girls are so so so much cuter than baby boys.. Boys are so.. limited.. whereas you can doll up a girl all you like, those little pretty dresses, tie up their hair.. so kawaii!! If I do have a choice, I would want a daughter instead of a son..

Haha.. yes.. I'm talking about children.. yes.. and no.. I'm not changing my mind anytime soon. I do not like children and I dun intend to have one anytime soon.

This is not the time, finance-wise, Ah Dear and I are still struggling, there just seem to be endless debts to pay off.. I'm not going to have another financial burden for now.

And I dun like children, it's a fact. And yes, I've been a child once, but when I was young, I never really liked other children, I dun understand why they cannot behave themselves and act like sentient beings.

Babies are a waste of time.. They can't take care of themselves, they can't move on their own, they are totally dependent on their caregivers.. I mean, what a lousy species allows their young to take so damn long to be dependent? Oh yah, it's humans.. In my perfect world, children are born dependent, from the moment they are born, they can walk like most other species on earth. Knowledge should not be learnt but passed down as instincts. Then the children are sent to institutes for education till they are deem socially-fit. Once they get back to society, they can immediately contribute to the general good of society.

And this is something which people dun like to talk about.. The world is OVERPOPULATED. There's too damn many people around already, natural resources are being used up at an amazing rate, there's no way earth can support the increase in population growth. People should stop having babies right now, let the world population stabilize and let our natural resources recover before we think about having more children.

Why is the world overpopulated? Because the weak is not weeded out.. Nature is cruel, if you're weak, you should die and your faulty genes should die out, but with human societies, the weak is being protected, bad genes get passed down generation after generations.. This is not right.. it's not healthy. Why isn't anyone doing anything about it? Because everyone is too scared of being called a bigot. It's not bigotry, the weak should die off and the strongest should survive, this is a way of nature.

One needs foresight to see beyond his petty life.. I dun claim that I have such foresight, but I would like to think that I'm trying to get there. It's not about ourselves, it's about the survival of the human race.. .. .. ..

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