Monday, September 01, 2008

Screw-up Monday

There's a reason why people dun like mondays.. everything tends to screw-up on monday..

Hate hate hate it when people insinuate that I'm not doing my job when all I'm trying to do is to help. I do not have to stay back late to help out, it's out of goodwill that I do it, so dun come screw with me.

Bloody PAs, what's wrong with them anyway? It's his bloody fault that he gave the instructions late, then he want us to lie to his boss, making it seem like it's our fault? Fuck, do we look stupid? bloody fucking *****n! it's your problem and you should take responsibility for your own screw-up. If you lose your job because of that, it's your damn bloody problem lor.

Hate mondays.. hate mondays..

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