Monday, May 26, 2008


Oh yes, you're the PA of the COO of a fucking big bank, but you know something my dear, you're just his bitch and nothing more. If you are so capable, then you will be the COO, not the PA that clears up shit for the COO.

Fucking bitch!

Do you even work in a bank? Do you not know what is a privacy policy? U think I can just call up any bank and get any customer information? Dun go tell anyone u work in a bank coz you're nothing but a disgrace to the banking industry.

If it is so urgent, you would had made arrangements a long long time ago to get it done. I should not had been so nice as to go all the way to your office to pick up the fucking instructions and then urgently help you to put it through.. you're just fucking wasting my time and effort especially when I'm fucking busy.


I know you're on perpetual PMS, but that's your problem, not mine.


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