Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm so lucky..

I can't believe how incredibly lucky.. Those irritating red rashes I got on my back turns out to be papulosis, or to be exact, Lymphomatoid Papulosis.
A quick google search turns out this:

It seems like only 1.9 person in a million gets it and I'm the lucky one. And the best thing about this papulosis thing is that there's no cure for it, none so far, coz no one know what causes it. Damn.. and there's a small chance that it might turn cancerous, but the chance is very slim and still enough to scare the shit out of me for around 5 minutes.

The doc who attended to me last night told me that I have real sensitive skin, it's crazy.. I have a rash on my ring finger and that turns out to be ringworm infection; I have small blister-like-thingy on my fingertips and that another kinda fungal infection; I have rashes on my neck area and that's just normal heat rash; then I have the rashes on my body which my doc diagnose as papulosis..

I actually went to the doc coz I'm worried about the weather in Perth (yes I'm going to Perth!) would worsen my rashes but the doc told me that I should go coz cold weather is better for sensitive skin. Maybe it's time I consider moving to a cold country, like Sweden or something, but since I'm not that rich, I think maybe I should move to China, those northern parts where it's cold.

*tired and itchy..

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