Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Non Issue

After all the hoo-ha, after interrupting my lunch, turns out it's a non-issue. It was not an issue in the first place and they have to make so much noise to make people think it's an issue.. and in the end? It was not a problem lor, what kinda stupid definition is that?

Comon, when you say someone is a Singapore PR, what does that mean? It means the person holds a bloody blue NRIC!! That's the definition which everyone knows.. Oh no, that ***** have to come up with her own definition, that as long as a person works and stays in Singapore for more than 180 days, he's a PR.. and oh, that person pays tax to the Singapore government, he is a PR.

Fuck, what kinda bloody logic is that? A person holding PR status means that he's a goddamn permanent resident in Singapore, it means that he enjoys rights over a person who holds an Employment Pass.. stupid.. bloody idiot.. EP is EP, PR is PR, it's two wholly different matter lor, why the fuck do she have to lump them together.

And it's not funny when you tell me at the cut-off time that you have rejected the request because of the non-issue. No, it's not one bit funny and I dun need you to wake me up. I'm NOT SLEEPY, I'm just goddamn dulan coz you bloody make a mountain out of a molehill..

So so sososoosososos pissed.. why do I always meet such people?!?

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