Friday, May 02, 2008

Get out if you can't stand the heat

I am mean, but honestly if she really can't stand the heat, then isn't it better for everyone that she just leaves. Serious, it will be good news for me.

Comon, cry?? Since when does crying actually help in anything? All it does is to make guys pity you, and that's a pathetic thing to do really..

Have I ever mentioned that I really dun like her?? Maybe I should repeat myself again, she's a irresponsible, two-face bitch, she's definitely not the kind whom I would talk to voluntarily, if I was not forced to, I would just ignore her. I dun like this kinda girl, spoil brat.

Example 1: Assuming that the system is down and not listening to me when I offered a solutions, but when a guy comes along, she was all ears and suddenly the problem was solved.. oh wow.. he's so smart.. HELLO.. I was trying to help with the exact same solution.. B.I.T.C.H.

Example 2: Using my phone without asking me when I'm sitting right next to my phone. Sorry but my mum had taught me since young that whenever I need/use anything that is not mine, I should always ask the person for permission. Even if I'm just getting food from the fridge, I would ask permission from my mum, I think it's only basic manners to ask.

Go die bitch!

me hungry.. >_<"

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