Thursday, May 29, 2008


I really can't help but dwell on it, and the more I think about it, the clearer it gets..

Our social standing is so low that they cannot even see us, thus we're being cast aside..

Strange how you never think about where you stand in society until someone more atas comes along and show you just how low your status is. Fine, I dun have a 7-digit bank balance; fine, I dun have a mansion in {insert fancy exotic country}; fine, I dun even have money to spare at the end of every month.. but that does not mean I'm not as good a person as you are..

Sometimes I really hate to deal with rich people, so what if they have the money, do they have the class to match their money?!

**damn tired
***super damn tired

I was watching the news the other day on Malaysia banning foreigners from buying petrol in their country and they interviewed this Singaporean who complained (what's new?) and said he might reduce the number of times he goes to JB in the future. Then they interviewed this Singapore PR who is still a Malaysian who was complaining that it's not fair to them, blah blah blah..

Their complains are groundless and it really pissed me off. Comon, do you pay taxes to the Malaysian government? No right? Then what the fuck are you complaining about? Malaysian oil prices are low coz their government gives subsidies, now where do the subsidy money comes from? From the Malaysians of course, so why should the government let foreigners enjoy something their people pay for?

And that Singapore PR, yah, he's a businessman and he would not take advantage of the Malaysian government's subsidy, he doesn't care for that few cents.. pui.. Businessman are the ones who takes advantages of anything which can be taken advantage of, that's why they are called businessman. And if they dun, then they are lousy businessman.

People these days forgot that they get what they work for, nothing is free in this world and ultimately you have to pay for it.

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