Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dun be too happy with your diamond ring

Girls gets super excited when their other half comes up with this super big and shiny diamond ring, but really, dun be too happy about it. Before you accept the ring, ask the guy, does the diamond come with a cert to say that it's not a conflict diamond?

Now you dun want blood on your hands, you seriously dun.. Would you accept a diamond ring if you know that the diamond was sold so that it can fund a war?

I was watching Blood Diamonds on History Channel the other day and I was shocked.. very shocked.. oh, it's the tv show, not movie.. Humans can be cruel, very very cruel.. For the sake of controlling the diamond mines, they kill without blinking; they chop off people's arms; they shove a stick into a woman's vagina so that they can kill her unborn child. Humans are capable of unimaginable cruelties.

Diamonds were used to fund wars in Africa, fund long bloody (literally) civil wars.. it's scary, it really really is.. and it's been revealed that diamonds could very well be funding terrorism.. we're talking about Al Kaeda of course. Diamonds are the best way to get funds, they are small, unobtrusive and once it's taken away from its mine, there is no way to find out where it came from. The perfect tool to launder money.

Be very wary when you buy diamonds, especially getting diamonds from the States as many retailers there do not even know about the conflict-free certification. It's a appalling situation, it's not right and we should do our part to help stop it.

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