Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We're domesticated!

It's so so so funny.. first they give rice as incentive, now they're giving out cooking oil.. what's next? sugar? salt?

dot dot dot..

A friend sent me a message the other day, he was lamenting that recently he seem to have lost his way in life, that he dunno where his life is heading. I found in kinda funny, not haha-kind, but in an ironic way.. I knew this guy for more than 7 years, I think half the time he have no idea where his life is heading..

To be honest, do we really know where our life is headed to? Most of us just take what we have and make do with it. How many of us have dreams and pursue them? For this friend, I've felt that he have lost himself for the longest time.. it's just my view but from the day I knew him, he's already lost.. By trying to be a good student, good son, good friend, good partner, he have forgotten to be himself.

We all have pressure, pressure to conform and be so-called normal. Does being normal equate to being happy? When we suppress our true selves, is that good? If it's good, then for who?

From young I had tried to conform, I got this idea that I have to blend in, that it's only right to be like everyone else. But when I started to think about the reason why I was doing that, it hit me that it makes no sense for me to conform. Why should I conform when it's just to be the same as everyone else? What's the real reason I should conform? In some ways it's teenage rebellion, but I realized that I'm happy if I just do things my way, as long as I believe it's right, I should just go ahead and not worry about what other people think. That obviously is easier said than done, but I always try to keep it in mind when I make decisions.

Back to this friend.. I know his dreams, I know his character.. but responsibilities smoldered his dreams, killed his character.. He used to be so free, being able to laugh and smile, but the more he tries to be a good bf and good son, the less smile I could see from his face.

When will he learn that he needs to dream?? He needs to work towards a dream.. a big dream.. I have dreams too, big big dreams.. I dream of escaping earth's hold one day; I dream of being in space; I dream of being in a whole new world. They are unreachable dreams given today's technology, but they are still dreams.. and I constantly read to reinforce my dreams.

People need dreams, people need hope. Hope is what keeps life going..

When will he realize that? When will he release himself from his self-made prison and be who he really is??

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