Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Control control..

I'm a bitch in the morning coz I'm not a morning person and I just hate it when I have to wake up.. argh..

I have my own schedule in the morning..

6.20am - first alarm
6.45am - second alarm
7am - third alarm - wake up time
7.02am - shower + brush teeth
7.15am - choose clothes to wear
7.18am - make up
7.22am - pack bag
7.25am - feed guinea pigs
7.28am - wear shoes
7.30am - leave the house
7.31am - begin walk to train station
7.44am - reach train station

That's my schedule for the morning and I can get pretty upset when my schedule is disrupted.. I have OCD too, I like things to happen in the same way every weekday. And that is the reason why I do not like to take bus to the train station, it always disrupts my schedule and I really hate to be late. Plus the bus at my place takes so darn long to reach the interchange, going round and round in circles.. I mean the interchange is just like directly in front of my place, so I really dun like to waste the time to go round and round..

Plus the traffic.. argh.. I hate heavy traffic and it's bad like all the time in the morning. I dun understand why I have to waste time waiting for the bus and then waste so much time as the bus detours just to get to the interchange. I rather just get wet and walk.

See.. I'm am so NOT a MORNING PERSON...

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