Monday, April 07, 2008

Is it still April Fools' Day?

1st April is long over and yet so many funny things are still happening..

.. like yesterday when Ah Dear and I were being mistaken for cars.. serious.. no joke. Last evening we were walking back home from the in-law's place when we stopped at this traffic junction. While we were waiting for our side of the junction to turn green so that we could cross, this cheena guy crossed the road on the other side of the junction, slowly walking as the green man was not yet flashing.. But just as he finished crossing the road, he had to jog pass us, jog as in like-when-the-green-man-is-flashing-and-there-are-cars-waiting-to-turn-usually-people-will-jog-across-kinda-jog, and once he passed us, he resumed walking!?

Both of us were like huh?! It's not like he was jogging across the road to start with, he only jogged when he was crossing our path and stopped once he was like a metre away. dot dot dot..

Anyway I like to think that I'm a Honda S2000, Ah Dear says he's a Forrester >_<"

.. the other joke was from our beloved SBS Transit. On 1st April itself, there were some problems with the NEL line (what's new right?) and no service towards Punggol. Usually when that happens for SMRT, they would arrange for buses to service the stations which the train services were disrupted, now I thought that's proper service recovery, if your stuff breaks down, the least you could do is to reduce the inconvenience to the commuters right? Well it's not so for NEL, I would think that with the number of breakdowns and whatevernot for the NEL line, the staff would be very well-trained and experienced with handling such situations, but it's really not so.

There were announcements telling the commuters that the train service towards Punggol were disrupted and commuters are to look for alternate transport on their own. WTF!?! This doesn't make sense at all, the train services are there to provide a service to the commuters, so when there's a problem or disruption, the least they could do is to help provide an alternative transport. But no, the announcement says it all, "we screw up, and we dun care how you plan to get where you want to go."

Now this is really ridiculous so Ah Dear wrote an email to the good people at Comfort Delgro to feedback on the service recovery. So the PR got back to us, offering their apologies and to send us some travel vouchers. Well ok, at least they tried to do some service recovery.. that's until we received the travel vouchers.. The so-called travel vouchers they gave is 5 free bus rides!! 5 bloody bus rides?!

It's a damn joke lor, 5 free bus rides is not even enough to cover the ERP charges we had to pay when we took a cab to office.. It's just so lame, it's like not sending us anything at all. Now though the service was down for the trains towards Punggol, remember that all trains are loop services, if one side is affected, the other side is just as affected, we waited like 15 minutes before we cut loose from the crowd and took a cab to work, I was not going to stay in the station, trying to squeeze into the train and suffocate in the process. For those who knows me, I'm very prone to fainting in areas with bad airflow.

I really find it strange that SMRT, with only TIBS buses on hand, is able to provide free shuttle buses while SBS transit, with its near monopoly on bus services, was not able to spare a bus or two to act as shuttle buses.. And 5 free bus rides? When we received "vouchers", we laughed non-stop for 5 minutes, it's just so god-damn funny.

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