Tuesday, March 11, 2008


With MSK's escape, Edison's hold on the headlines finally broke, which really comes at a relief coz it's just so tiring to see him on the headlines every single day.. it really makes one wonder, is there nothing else newsworthy? Other than Edison is Lydia Sim's death.. now again.. why are we so obsessed with celebrities? It's ok to pay some attention to their news, know what they are doing, but to the extent of having them on the headlines everyday? That is really going overboard.

What have Edison done wrong really? He took pictures during sex, with consent from his partner, now there's no law forbidding one to take pictures, and definitely no law against one taking pictures during sex, so why should he be on the news like everyday?! So many celebrities have sex tapes and such, do we make such a hoo-ha over every one of them?? no.. I guess not.. oh yah, I forgot, we're conservative asians.. ugh..
Edison's only fault would probably be his complacency.. that he did not make the effort to encrypt his files.. He was complacent and in order to make amends, he announced that he's leaving the industry. Now shouldn't someone else be doing that? We talk about having superb leadership in our country, we talk about paying top notch salary to them because we do not want to lose them.. and then what happens? Something goes wrong and the blame gets filtered down all the way to the people doing the shit job. The poor guys get the shittest pay, do all the shit work and gets all the blame.. some other people sits in their office, gets all the glory and none of the blame when shit hits the fan. Life is so darn fair..
Now I've been working for a couple of years and I meet all kinda of bosses, the good ones, the bad ones, the mean ones and the bitchy ones.. I am lucky enough to work in all parts of the corporate level, from the lowest of lowest to relatively high up in the corporate ladder, something I noticed, if one is the kinda boss who takes all the glory and pushes all the blame to his people, that kinda boss tends to get stuck somewhere midway in the corporate ladder. Those who are on the top are bosses who is willing to share glory and blame. When good things happen, they will credit the people who put in the effort, who went through all the shit; when bad things happen, they will take up the responsibility and take positive actions to correct the mistake.

I've learnt from my boss that there's no use pushing blame, what is done is done, instead of wasting time trying to fault someone, why not just work together as a team to help resolve the issue? Settle the issue then do a review to see what went wrong and how we can prevent it from happening again in the future. Putting the blame on someone, pointing fingers is not helpful.
Now do we see that in our country's leaders? Do we? Oh sure someone came out to apologize.. but is it enough? Let's just look at other democracies, of course we can't compare to them coz democracy is a farce in sg, but let's just pretend that we're really democratic.. ever seen politicians step down coz of smaller mistakes? All the time..
It takes a lot of man to admit that one had made a mistake and it takes even more man to accept responsibility for the mistake made. Is he man enough? Yah, he apologized, but so? Remember what Dao Ming Si from F4 said? "Why do we still have police when apologies are enough?"

I rest my case.

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