Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'm actually kinda troubled about this whole issue of having kids or not.. no one is pressuring to have kids but somehow it just keeps coming up in my mind..

Should I or should I not??

I used to be very firm in my viewpoint, no means no, I dun like children and I'm happy with my puppy.. but when I think about it, my Ah Dear likes children.. alot.. I just dun feel that it's fair to deny him of that joy. I'm not that kind of person who can build my joy on another person's happiness, it's just not right and karma will hit some day...

But but.. the idea of having kids is scary, imagine screaming kids running about.. ugh.. thought it's important on the parent's part to discipline the child, but I think it's a daunting task coz no matter how much one disciplines a child, once they go to school and mix with other kids, the kid will start to learn from their peers. The 7 sisters met up yesterday and Jun was reminding me something I always believed in.. Children are meant to be seen, not heard. I was brought up with that idea and so are many of my peers, thus we turn out to be nice disciplined kids.

Now I know I can teach my child that but just how long would the idea stay with him?? Remember all the peer pressure we had when we were kids? Peer pressure is not something we can just brush off, so no matter how well disciplined a child is, what will happen when he goes to school and starts to see how other kids behave? There's so much unknown when it comes to kids that it really turns me off..

There's really alot of factors to consider when it comes to kid, if I really do want kids, I want them before I turn 30.. but then I'm already 27, 30 seems so near yet so far. Sometimes I really dunno what to think.. what do I want? what do ah dear want? what do we want?

It's all questions with no answers in sight..

On the bright side, another jiemei is gonna to tie the knot!!! Congratulations Zhen, we know that u've been really looking forward to it, must be the prettiest bride around ok!! We're always here if you need any help and dun try to lose weight for the wedding ok! It's not worth the efforts and brides should glow with joy, not be skinny and gaunt! Remember that ok!

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