Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Very Sad Story - Effect of Birth Control Pills - Please Pass To Your Female Friends

haiz.. I dun understand why people just like to forward such mails to me.. it's just so.. argh.. I just hate hate hate such forwarded mails, did the person even read through the mail before forwarding them to me?? Dun they know that such mails are actually a form of virus?? argh..
I know most of them are being kind and wanted others to know more about the topic in the mail, but have they ever stopped to check the accuracy of the information in the mails?? Can they be 100% sure? or no, even 70% sure that the mail being a genuine one? There's no way to know if the mail is real or not, so it's not right be perpetuate lies.. Most of such mails have an element of truth, to make it sound convincing.. but then maybe only 10% is real, the rest are all just lies or made up to serve their own purpose.
The email in this case talked about birth control which allows a woman to have menses only 4 times a year. Well to me, having menses only 4 times a year is a fantastic news, to the men out there, menses is a pain, a fucking big pain every month and not having it every month is really a blessing..
So what is wrong with women having only 4 periods a year?? Oh, there's absolutely nothing wrong except for the fact that women having control over their own bodies.. oh that is so so so wrong.. woman can never have control, no way.. woman must obey man and listen to whatever they say. It's a scary thought but think about it, why would people come up with such scare emails?? The purpose is to scare woman into losing control over their own bodies.. while we can do so much things to the world, to the environment, we cannot do anything to ourselves. The message sent is very clear, woman should not have control over themselves.
I know I'm sounding extreme, but I do believe in what I say. The issue here is not about woman, but about man wanting to be in control..
Man vs Woman..
Egg vs Chicken
A chicken is nothing but an egg waiting to be born.. .. ..
*I'm not making sense.. I know.. .. life doesn't make sense, why should I?

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