Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our wedding

The photos are not up yet coz we haven got them yet.. argh.. but then here's a few from the montage :)

28 copy
The pretty bride *beams

36 copy
What can I say? my ah dear cannot keep his hands off me :p

33 copy
Mummy and Daddy are all smiles ^^/

34 copy
Pretty Ah Ma

22 copy
The in-laws

29 copy
The bride and the groom..

13 copy
Sealed with a kiss..

Wedding speech from dear Ed:

A friend told me that "the beginning of love is the end of logic."

Logically, of course. I can understand why it is that these 2 lovely people have gotten together. Jason's quite a man. Quite a LOT of man. Exactly how much, I think Jayce knows better than any of us.

Jayce, complements him, but loses none of her own individuality. Like the chilli padi she loves so much. She is a person in her own right, and brings forth the best in the man that she's with.

But we are not here to celebrate logic. We are here to celebrate love. There's no reason in the world, at the end of the day, for them to choose each other. Among all the chilli padi, and among all the dishes in the world, they have chosen to commit to each other for the rest. of. their. lives.

So we celebrate this magical, crazy, illogical, senseless, wonderful thing, that has brought the 2 of them together.

We celebrate their love.

Now a word of advice, dear hearts. There will be no happily ever after. You will quarrel, irritate each other, and get pissed off in return. You will fight, and you will jump on one another. But through it all, you will still love each other, and remember to show it.

So to your new life together. May it not be perfect. But May you find beauty in that imperfection, and in the wonderful wonderful love, that you have together.


Thank you to everyone who made time to celebrate with us, it was tiring but I could not had asked for more ^^/ it was perfect in our very own way.

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