Saturday, January 26, 2008

Scruffy and Me~~

More pictures of Scruffy and me!! The only reason why I have so few shots of Scruffy is coz she's too hyper, can hardly get her to stay still for me to take a shot :p

Scruffy with her friend
Here's her with her favourite friend :p she just likes to lay on it to sleep..

This little puppy, she loves playing with Stinky and Wobbly, to the extend that she would just jump into their cage.. argh.. now I lock thir gate so that Scruffy would not get in and trumatize them..

Now my turn..

Went for second fitting for my gowns and they added some stuff onto the gown.. nice..

Back view of the gown..

Side view.. can see my thighs!! I like.. haha..

The tea dress is now a wee bit longer.. but..

still pretty short when I sit down.. I like.. hee..
oh oh.. look at the lovely pair of shoes!! It's from Aldo and it cost me $120 bucks!!! ex!! and it's on 50% discount ok.. It's a killer, 4 inch and I can die wearing it, but it's pretty.. so what can I say?

And the ya zhou!! evening gown.. Now that they properly shorten the dress, it looks much better...

The long train makes it look like a long dress but it's not :p

and now for my favourite photo!!! I love this and everyone else was so shocked when I showed them this photo..


Here goes nothing..

I have cleavage!!! hahaha.. the power of silicon!! now everyone wants to buy the bra that I've got.. cleavage so nice!! haha.. now I can wear low cut dresses!! hee..

I got one ok.. just dun come out often.. hee.. yea.. still abit heady from seeing my boobs in action.. :p

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