Monday, January 21, 2008

Our little trouble maker

We have to keep her behind bars to keep her out of trouble.. haha.. nah, she just feels more comfortable in an enclosure, habit picked up from her pet farm days I suppose..

Her name is Scruffy and she's a 4 month old cairn terrier.. so kawaii right?? hee..

here's Scruffy with her favourite cup!! she really knows how to entertain herself..

A picture paints a thousand words.. other than cute, what can I say??

Scruffy sound asleep.. but but but..

she prefers to sleep like that!! haha

Scruffy roaming the media room...

Scruffy with her doggy friend.. Out of all the soft toys I have laying around, this is the one she picked out.. This naughty girl went to my storeroom, jumped into the pile of soft toys, and picked my grey terrier.. she loves it and sleeps with it at night.. so cute~~

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Anonymous said...

hey ya! yuling here, came by from jun/zhen's blog, hope you don't mind! just wanted to leave you a note when i saw the cute pics - your lil terrier is such a sweetie! the puppy months pass by really quickly, so must snap more pictures and videos! :)