Saturday, January 26, 2008

Parenting License

Not anyone can become a parent, it takes a certain something to be a good parent and though majority of the pple have it, some just dun have it.. and yet most of the time, it's this teeny group of pple who breed like bunnies and spoil the good name of parenting. Parenting should be controlled and licensed, people should prove themselves worthy before they are allowed to spawn, they should be able to take care of a dog for at least 10 years before they allow their carnal desires to take over and spawn.

It is just not right to bring a child into this world when one is not prepared to be a parent.. of course, how prepared can one be?? Well at least one should be financially stable before spawning.. I just saw a couple the other day, way too young, both are probably just my little sis's age, 19.. how can u be a parent at 19 in this day and age?? We're not living in our parent's era, 19 is way too young.

Parenting is a job, a full-time job, 24/7 job which I'm pretty sure I can't do, coz I'll probably kill the child before it can learn to speak. Ever noticed I only look at children and never touch them? Ever noticed I never offer to keep an eye on children? Ever noticed I always decline to carry babies? Coz I'm not interested in the additional responsibility and I really dun want to kill any kids at this moment.

I dun like children, never did and probably never will.. it's hard to tell though. Dun give me the shit that I was once a child too, even when I was a kid, I never really liked any other children, to me they are just nuisance, dirty and noisy. I dun understand why they just cannot sit still and keep quiet? It just baffles me coz I'm brought up with the idea that children are to be seen, not heard. Why make yourself an additional nuisance when you're already a parasite?

I was on the bus today and was so close to murdering that kid.. ugh.. As if it's not bad enough that SBS buses have TV mobile playing boring Mediacorp shows, there's this teenager behind me who wants the whole world to know about what he thinks of so-and-so, blah blah blah.. it's bloody public bus, keep your damn volume down when you're on that irritating phone call. And that stupid kid who have to blast Crazy Frog (how 2000s can they get??) on his mobile, too poor to buy some earpiece? I'm not interested in retro techno thank you very much, I knew about crazy frog before before you were born... ugh.. And is it surprising that his dad is with him? Doesn't that prove my point that parents should get a license before they spawn?

Then that bloody kid!! Cry for no bloody reason, I was so close to going up to her and clamping the hands around her mouth, I dun care if she chokes and die of suffocation, good riddance. Children should be seen, not heard.

I can respect the fact people spawn without giving a second thoughts, I can respect the fact that licensing for parents is probably never going to be approved, but why can't people respect my rights to a peaceful bus ride? Why must they let their children run amok?

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