Sunday, January 20, 2008


After the longest longest time.. I finally got to see my gowns!!

That's my designer bowing to me!! wahahaha.. he should, after giving me such a headache, only letting me try the gown now.. panic leh..

But their work is always nice.. Just look at my gown.. .. oh oh disclaimer, this is just the first fitting, so it's only the basic dress, they still need to pile on lace and sequin and all the whatevers..

Pretty.. I like this one but I dunno how to walk in my heels!! *help
It's very fitting.. but then I think it makes me look slim! good :p

Next up.. tea dress..

Damn.. I never knew I can look this nice in green.. the dress is so kawaii~~
The green and pink combo turned out real well..

And lastly my evening gown..



should I?? It's a little OTT.. this is the only piece which I'm not too sure about.. It's supposed to be long but in the end when putting the dress up on display, they thought that short would suit me better.. and after trying both version (one with skirt let down and the other with the skirt pinned up), I do agree that the short version looks nicer on me..

but then it's really ott.. and my ah dear confirm see already will give me that face which he always give me when I give suggestions... .. but then.. it's also kinda cute.. so here goes nothing..

Now excuse me, I gotta rush, gotta 登台 liao.. *lame
but this dress is really showy!! I really must convince my hubby to wear the damn hat so that he doesn't fade into the background!!

Laogong I love u, can u please wear the hat?? It's our day.. u must look special too mah!!

Anyway when I was trying on this red dress, everyone passing by the shop was just gathering around the door and looking :p *shy

Finally I can stop worrying about the gown.. so what's next on the list to worry about??

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