Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fundies.. Religions.. Me..

I always like to think that Singaporeans are rationale and we do not have fundies in our midst, but somehow someone have to come shatter the lovely image I have of my country, just listening to Derek Hong rant on and on about how evil gays are is enough to convince me that there's something fundamentally wrong with him.
Seriously, he sounds deranged in the speech.. going on and on about how evil gays are, how gays are actually working for Satan.. What I wanna know is, have Derek ever talked to Satan?? If not, how can he say that gays are working for Satan? Where's the proof? For that matter, have he even talked to a gay before?

What I dun like about fundies is how closed-minded they are, they are totally blind to the world and take everything the bible says literally.. I dun understand why they can't see that the bible is written centuries ago and the incidents mentioned are long lay to dust, what's important in the bible is its teaching, the values behind the stories, not the stories literally.
And notice something, it's always about gays and not lesbians.. When fundies talk about homosexuality, it's almost always about gays, now what do that say? Lesbians are sexy but gays are evil, I'm so happy I'm a girl :p
In some ways, I think I'm a bigot too.. Just as fundies say that gays are evil coz they want equal rights, rights to get married, I'm wary about fundies coz now it's about gays, if they do get their way with it, what will happen to my rights as a woman?? I'm talking about abortion rights which I feel is a fundamental right of a woman.

We dun see it in Singapore but fundies around the world are very much against abortion and will act on their beliefs by protesting outside abortion clinics and even to the extent of hurting people working in abortion clinics.. Now that would not happen in sg right? but going by the logic Derek Hong uses for gay rights, if we give in to the fundies and deny gays of their rights, one day, they would do the same for woman and we will lose our rights too..

It's a slippery slope and ultimately, people are selfish, we think for ourselves and no one else.
Equality.. rights.. freedom.. Do these really exist in our country?
I used to tell pple I'm a free-thinker and they would think that I'm an atheistic, which I am not. An atheistic rejects the notion of God totally and I have to say that I believe in God. Not in the usual sense of the word though, I believe that all religions are true to an extend but to claim that they are the whole truth and all the rest are lies is a stretch for me. I believe in a superior being, something bigger and better than all of us, he may not necessarily be the Christian God or Allah, he may be anyone, anything..

My favourite theory is that God is an alien who have nothing better to do, so one day he made us humans, give us some rudiments of intelligence and pit us against each other as entertainment, just like Truman's Show, we're nothing but a reality program. And remember, the answer to the life, universe and everything else is 42 :p haha..
In the future when someone ask for my religion, I would tell them I'm a Agnostic Theistic. (But first I need to learn how to spell it :p) Chem eh, actually not really. According to Wikipedia:

Agnostic Theism
is the philosophical view that encompasses both theism and agnosticism. An agnostic theist is one who views that the truth value of certain claims, in particular the existence of god(s) is unknown or inherently unknowable but chooses to believe in god(s) in spite of this. There are contrasting views of the term.
I think that's pretty much me, as far as I know, there's no concrete proof that God exists, yet I believe in God. In some way, it's a very typical way of thinking: Ning ke xin qi you, bu ke xin qi wu, it's always better to be safe than sorry. It's a fight between the rational and irrational part of me, rationally I reject the notion of God coz there is no proof that he exists, but irrationally, I think that he exists, just that he can't really be bothered about us. And just in case he exists, I can always say I root for him though there was never any evidence.. hee..

I believe in all religions, I see the good in them, I see how it creates a structure for people and lead them on the path to a happiness.
But I do not see any good in fundies.. the fanatics seem to have forgotten that the Lord teaches them to love and not sin, to not judge, to lead a good holy life. But these fundies.. *shakes head* they are blinded by their greed, not greed for money but greed for expansion, to expand the church at all cost.

I understand the need to spread the faith, I understand when people found something so touching that they have to share it when the people they know, but they should also understand that enough is enough, if I said No for 3 times, it means I'm really not interested in your faith. I'm not a faithless person, I have a faith and it's faith in myself. I believe that I'm in control of my destiny and I believe in paying for the sins which I had committed.

Letting go of my sins does not erase the fact that I did that, it's only fair that I repent and pay back. Confession should only give me relief, I should not let someone else carry my burden. In that sense, I'm really more of a Buddhist..
Fundies --- bad
Religions --- troubling
Me --- so going to hell, but I welcome any place without fundies.

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