Friday, September 21, 2007

Ang Chea aka Big Red Trucks

Was on my way home last night when these two guys in police uniform brushed pass me, they seem to be in a rush, like something was happening.. But wait a sec, police dun wear red b-whatever on their heads, I thought only commandos wear that.. eh?? Maybe they're security guards? But then train stations only have army guys patrolling mah.. hmmm..
Then I saw the big red truck and it dawned on me that these people are from the special ops. So where were they rushing off to?? To stop a worker from offloading goods to the supermarket in the train station. If I was that guy, I would had freaked, I'm just doing my work, unloading the goods and suddenly I have two cops rushing up to me!? Not only that.. first there was only one red truck in sight, shortly after, another red truck appeared!

Red trucks means trouble..
But that guy was just doing his job.. I alighted at Admiralty train station and there's this ABC-or-something supermarket right behind the bus stop, there's no way the delivery man could stop his truck at the bus stop to unload, coz that would just block the traffic. The only logical place to park is in the service lane where the train station employees park their vehicles. I really dun see anything wrong with them unloading goods there, at least they are not blocking the traffic but apparently the guys in uniform and the red-whatever thinks that it's serious enough for them to go up to take a look.
I didn't stay long to find out what happened.. I think the worker was trying to explain he's just unloading the goods.. hey someone let him into the service lane..

It's a good thing I dun see any guns.. I'm actually pretty intimidated by all the guards holding guns at the airport.. it's just.. I dunno.. It's Singapore, not Manila, you really dun expect to see guards holding arms walking around. In Manila, there's armed guards at all the entrances in the malls, scary initially, but it's only for our safety and who cares about arms when there's shopping to be done :p
Oh, it's not the first time I've seen the red trucks around the train station.. Honestly I have mixed feelings about them, I think they are wasting their time, standing guard at Admiralty when they can go off to do better things, but then again, they might have information which we normal citizen do not have and thus acted the way they did..

It's real tough to be them.. When we see them and nothing happens, we complain that they have nothing better to do and just stand around all day long. But if they are not around and *heaven forbids* something happens, we complain that we pay them but they never do their job.. Either way, someone will have something mean to say about them. It's thankless job but someone has to do it.

It's nice to know that our train stations are being protected, but it's scary to think about why.. Of all the train stations, why the one which I visit everyday?

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