Friday, August 17, 2007

Weird logic

Does she know how to do business? In a normal business transaction, you only pay when you get the goods.. ok maybe as a gesture of goodwill, you make a 30% down payment, that's it mah.

So why should I pay the vendor when we have not seen anything at all? In the quotation we signed, there was no mention that we have to make full payment before we get the goods, though it was communicated in emails, I did not agree to it. My stand is, give me the fucking beta version and then I will pay you.

Fucking vendor.. auditor this auditor that, you think I stupid ar, audit is done once a year lor, you think the auditor is so free to sit in your office to stare all your invoices ar.. I dunno why the fuck do we have to work with them, their price is not competitive, the products they do is not top notch, can you imagine giving primary school kinda elearning to bankers?! it's so degrading.. my gosh..

Elearning for bankers requires sophistication, not stupid drag and drop games.. These people do not have the time to waste on silly games, they just want to learn and get done with it.
Stupid vendor.. Oh oh.. the best thing is, their boss looks like a frog!! I think she suits the role of Professor Umbridge
This is not Professor Umbridge.. my vendor matches the description totally.
She's a frog, what can I say?

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