Monday, August 20, 2007

W.. Wi.. Wii.. Weekend!!

It was a fantastic weekend though tiring, but it was our fault to play with our Wii till 3am in the morning :p hee.. Ah Dear lah, brought back one whole stack of new games, how can I resist?? The Paper Mario was so cute!! Then we spent the whole sunday afternoon on Mario Party Games.. hee..
Actually who can say no to Mario?? It's like the best game character ever created!! Oh oh.. I love Yoshi~~ kawaii~~
Wii is the kinda console I like compared to PS3 and Xbox, coz I'm a girly girl when it comes to games, RPG is something I can never understand, so long and complicated.. how to play?? But Wii games are good, short and sweet with plenty of mini games in between, just the kinda game which someone with a short attention span like me needs :p
Other than being on the Wii, we were over at the new place, bringing loads of stuff over and piling them all up in the spare room, it's gonna be a mammoth task when all cabinets are done up and we have to start packing *shudders*

Our new place is now 75% done up, majority of the things are in already (^^)/ *happy*

Ah dear's pride and joy.. and this tank is amazing.. serious.. coz.. .. coz.. .. ..
... ... it can hold Ah Dear's weight!!! so so amazing lor!!
Our media room.. once it's done up, will not be able to see the windows..

Oh oh.. that's not the aircon remote :p
Our kitchen mosaic and the super expensive italian tiles in the master bedroom toilet.
Our comfy sofa in the media room and my two super cute Chip and Dale cushie!!!
I think our place would be absolutely lovely when it's all done up ^^/ heng xing fu wor..

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