Monday, June 11, 2007


One of my colleague was just showing us a photo collage of his baby and it's so sweet. First, the doctor took all the pictures and put it together into a show for him, at absolutely zero cost and it was his own initiative, now where can we find that in sg?? Oh, my colleague's a Filipino and his wife gave birth in one of the best hospital in Manila, and it's still cheaper than KK.
The collage was so lovely and sweet.. everything was so aww.. .. . The little baby boy is just so adorable and his elder sis (2 years) looks so cute beside him : ) Then my colleague was going on how much he missed his little baby and family already, he's just the perfect husband.

Now children for me?? haha.. a photo collage to change my mind? Never! I still maintain my opinion of children, noisy and nasty little brats :p No way I'm going to compromise my standard of living just for some nasty little children. of course there are some who are angels, but there are also tons of others who are little demons, I have no time and zero patience for them.

So I have no plans for children, not in the next 5 years or till we pay off all our debts. Even after that.. ewww.. the thoughts of having to take care of someone 24/7 makes me *shudder*

Dogs are so much better, easier to train and less demanding on the pocket. Plus a well trained dog will sit when you ask it to, stand when you ask it to, all without asking a single question, that's why I like dogs so much.

I miss my Scruffy!! Too bad she's already been adopted.. Nevermind, I shall continue to hunt for my perfect Cairn Terrier :p

I may be young but that does not mean that you can bully me. I may be small but my bite is just as nasty. So that guy from Furama dissed me off big time, tried to play punk with us by giving us all sorts of crap excuses on why he can't deliver the contract to us. Sorry honey, I don't accept excuses for incompetence, and how dare you play punk with me, haven your taught you to never incur the wrath of a woman??

So last Friday, I wrote a 3 page long complain email to the GM of the hotel. Plus I copied the holding company of the hotel and the head of CASE. Today, the proper Director of F&B called and very politely requested for a meeting with me and Ah Dear on how we can resolve the issue.

 I don't usually write complain mails coz I have a pretty short memory and basically I don't stay angry long enough to want to write a complain letter, also I put in a lot of time and effort into composing the mail and some people are just not worth my time. But when I do write complain mails, they are very effective, so far my track record is one free lunch offer (which I eventually rejected), 1 person fired within 2 weeks of my complain, another person fired after 3 months and 3 complain mails.

I don't like to cause people to lose their jobs but when their incompetence impacts my work consistently, I can't just sit back and do nothing, so I complain and they lose their jobs. I wonder what will happen to this guy?? I don't want him to lose his job, he's in his fifties already, I don't think he can get another job at his age, but let's just hope he loses his pay increment and performance bonus for the year :p
My complaints are effective coz they are genuine, everything I wrote is what happened and I do not exaggerate the situation, though I selectively choose what to include in the mail. The other important factor is to control the tone of the email, keep it neutral, but express your displeasure at the suitable points. Never write when you're angry, write when you had calmed down and able to look at the situation more objectively and able to point out their faults. When you are in the wrong, admit so coz it can make you sound rational and people will take you more seriously.

Lesson to be learnt: Never play punk with me and don't think that just coz I'm young and a girl, you can walk all over me. You may win the first round, but I'm good at keeping records and I'll make sure you die an ugly death.

Nu ren yu xiao ren nan yang ye.

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