Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I have a bad memory for stuff, I can never remember names, but I don't ever forget a face. If you ask me to describe a face of someone I know, I might not be able to do so, but if I do see the person, I will recognize him even if I haven seen him for years.

That's what I always thought till a year or so back when I met this guy.. There's nothing on his face I can focus on, all I see is a face and within the 24 hours I met him, I totally forgot how he looks like. Try as I might, his face just refuses to surface.

And then another.. I was introduced to this girl and once again, there was absolutely nothing on her face I can focus on. Most people are average looking, but they will have one or two features which stands out more, but for her, nothing stands out, she could be screaming out loud and I don't think anyone will pay attention to her at all. She's that plain.

After a few months, I realized we met and talked before, but I could not recognize her when we were introduced. Recently we met again and still.. ... And more importantly, I realize it's not me, I'm not bias against her coz my friend could not remember her face as well. All my friend could remember was that she has bucktooth and is just plain.

I think she should really quit her day job and go into the PI business. She's the perfect PI coz she can just blend into the crowd and no one will remember seeing her face, she doesn't even need any disguise!!! I should be her career consultant eh.. haha... But I'm serious, non-lookers are best suited for investigative kinda jobs, try as they might, people will never remember how the non-looker looks like.

That girl came into my dreams today, why? I cannot even start to fathom, but there she was, taunting me with her blank face, forcing me to recall how she looks like. But no matter how hard I try, I cannot remember her face, even when she put a knife to my throat. She was furious that I can recall her face, so she stabbed me, once, twice, thrice, again and again.. I was bleeding, in pain, and slowly features start to form on her face.

It was hard for me to focus, blood was everywhere, I saw her licking my blood off something green.. I realized that her features were not human, she changed into a giant mantis. I scream and woke up.

Why does she have to come to haunt my dream??

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