Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Unfortunate events


I finally got my whole set of A Series of Unfortunate Events!!! yeah!! and it's the cover which I like!!

Ah Dear got me the whole set as a very belated birthday present, I know, my birthday is coming up soon, but this was supposed to be last year's present :p Now I have all 12 books in a lovely casing, but I'm keeping them intact for the moment, at least till I find some space to keep them.

I have waaaay too many books right now, my cupboards are just filled to the max and I had to borrow space from mei to keep my books. But there's just so many good books these days, and I just brought any 6 books for 15 bucks!! cheap leh..

I just finished the Bartimaeus trilogy and it's super good! It's a young adult book and I just love it! The plot is simple but exciting and it keep me going from book 1 to 3. It's kinda sad that Nathaniel died at the end, but I guess it's a good ending, he would not had been able to live in the new world which he had created.

Oh, I just finished the latest Artemis Fowl as well, once again, it's super good, I love stories with young geniuses, it kinda just gives me hope for the future.. I dunno why but it does give me that kinda feeling.

The past week had been a stormy one, there was so much tension in the air that it's difficult to breathe.. I was very angry when I wrote my previous post but things had calmed down since.. We trashed things out and got an understanding.

It's not that I hate the hotel we booked, I just did not like the way that stupid manager (he's NOT a fucking director to me) used his parents to force us to pay the deposit, and I hate the way he talks down to me, like I'm an idiot who does not know anything.

It's a bad move to pay the deposit, now there's no way we can negotiate for the other things that we wanted. Damn. Maybe his parents don't understand what negotiation is about, that's why they were so eager to pay the deposit. The most important thing during a negotiation is to never be eager, you cannot cannot show the other party that you're desperate for what he has, you must play your cards well, you must let him think that you have other choices available.

Once you let him know that he is the only choice you have, you just lost all your chips and there's no way to negotiate. And what more, we already paid the deposit, what can we negotiate??

It's good that my job have taught me how to negotiate, it's just too bad that I never had the chance to use my skills.

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