Monday, June 04, 2007


It was a busy busy weekend but when it's busy working to build your home, it's just pure bliss.

Took leave on Friday and had a super long weekend, but we're not idling about, there's tons of things to be done. We got the contractor to come down to take a look at the house, made measurements and it's off to tile choosing!! There's so much designs and styles that we were pretty lost for a moment, we blindly walked around the showroom for around 15 minutes before we got organized and started to think through on what exactly we want.

First thing we chose was the tiles for the living room, we got this yellowish cream homogeneous tiles with faint lines in between. Not exactly what I would like, but since Ah dear likes it and there's really nothing better to choose from, I'm ok with it. Then we got this black, lined, textured tiles for the balcony, we were planning to use it for the entrance, but thinking about it, it's still better to go back with our original idea of a short pebbled path.

Next up were the tiles for the toilet. The floor was easy, we went for a dark grey, textured tile. Then came the tiles for the walls.. .. without blinking an eye, we went for this cute zebra design and guess what, those were Italian tiles and is easily 2 times the cost of a normal tile :p If we went with that particular design, it's an additional 750 for each toilet. But the design was just so cute that we had to get it, so it's zebra for the master bedroom toilet and normal striped tiles for the other toilet.

Compromise mah.

The floor tiles and wall tiles for the kitchen is all cream colored and though it's costly, Ah Dear requested for a row of mosaic in between the tiles :p Mosaic's price are crazy!! A normal one foot tile cost about 1~2 bucks and a foot of mosaic cost about 12 bucks.. gulps.. but it looks real nice..

And though I can't get granite flooring, at least I'm getting them for our kitchen table top :p I don't care how much it is, I just know it's darn pretty :p

We spent about 2 hours at the showroom and finally chose everything we need. Though we chose some parquet-design tiles for our bedroom, in the end we still decided to go with our laminated flooring. Tile's unit cost is much lower than laminated flooring, but when you add on workmanship and sand, they cost about the same. And though tiles last much longer, we still prefer the feel of wood and the designs are so much nicer :p

Tiles pretending to be parquet looks just weird. One single piece of tile still looks ok, but when you piece them up, they just look funny.

Finances are like killing us right now, everything is so expensive, the wiring and switches alone is going to cost us like 2k!!! my gosh.. Ah Dear's dad is offering to help us with finances but I'm really not too comfortable with it. Not that we're not going to return him the money, but it's his retirement funds and. . .. .. .. . It's just me, I'm the kinda person who prefers to buy my own stuff, I like to get opinions on the things I'm getting but I like to have the final decision and say. Basically I do not like to feel obligated to someone else.

That's what happened with the wedding dinner and I'm .. .. ... Was I forced to say yes?? Yes, I felt that I was pressured to make the decision even though I tried to ask for some time to think about it. It was not a happy episode and it's still gonna be ugly for some time coz I'm planning to change the location. I know we paid the deposit for that place but I'm really not comfortable with the hotel.

We went over to Furama over at 5pm to meet the "director" of catering, we waited around for a bit then gotta meet him and take a look at the ballroom. At around 515pm, the ballroom was not fully set-up, oh, the table cloth and utensils were in place, but that was about it, the stage was just bare. Compared to Hilton, we were there at 4pm and the tables setup was almost fully done, the stage was not done up yet, but at least all the decorations and flower stands were already there, ready to go at anytime. The lady told us that the room will be fully set-up in an hour's time at 5pm.

I know guests don't usually come in so early but cocktail starts at 630 and the room is not even decorated by 515?! By the looks of it, they need at least another 45 minutes to finish the decoration, meaning they only give themselves a 30 minute leeway?? Even with my limited events organization experience, I know that a 30 minute allowance is not enough, as we would need to do the mike test, sound test and AV test.

And that "director" just irks me. He does not respect me and I hate his hypocritical manners. Once again, stark contrast with the Banquet Sales Manager from Hilton. The lady June is polite and more importantly, upfront. I like people who are honest with me, just let me know what can and cannot be done and I can live with that. What I don't like about that "director" is that he sent us the price list, 658 nett but when we're there at the hotel, the price suddenly becomes 658+++, what is that?! And when we tried to negotiate for extra things, he refused to give us proper answers, telling us that things can be done on the day itself.

Comon, given his untrustworthiness, do he really think I still trust him? No way, everything should be in black and white with this person. And I seriously dunno what's wrong with him and "his" hotel, it's already been more than a week since we paid the deposit and the contract is still not ready?!

There is really a difference between a 4-star and a 5-star hotel.

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